The 2013 Subaru BRZ is in-stock and available now! Several on the lot with more arriving soon. Please Call for Details.

The New 2013 Subaru BRZ

Like All Great Sports Cars The BRZ Delivers

The first thing a sports car needs to be is a buttoned-up, immaculately crafted engineering package. The second thing is to find out what happens when a couple of those buttons come undone. Make the eyes linger overly long on the curves of a fender or hip. Make the driver's heart skip a beat while playing with the limits in a turn. Make it respond with surgical precision. In other words, make it do what a legendary sports car has always done for those lucky enough to own one.

The all-new Subaru BRZ takes its place alongside history's great sports cars as the first one to do it all with a SUBARU BOXER® engine up front, powering a classic longitudinal drive-train layout. The advantages of the SUBARU BOXER power plant make themselves known the instant you send power to the pavement. The engine's compact layout and low center of gravity are positioned just rear of the front axle. The balance is exquisite. You feel every curve and nuance of the road running beneath your wheels. Everything promised by the alluring look of the BRZ gets delivered.

The New Balance of Power

The Subaru BRZ has been built from the ground-up to make the most of the advantages of its all-new SUBARU BOXER engine. The BOXER engine is inherently low. The center of gravity is the lowest most drivers will ever have the pleasure to experience.

The resulting balance gives the BRZ an ideal mix of precise handling and lively response. Our engineers complete the package with a double wishbone rear suspension and limited slip differential. Insert yourself inside the sculpted bodywork and it just keeps getting better. Any car can wrap the driver in expensive gadgets and appointments.

The BRZ has been meticulously refined to wrap the driver in pure sensation. Including a six-speed transmission or available six-speed auto with paddle shifters. The BRZ will be built in extremely limited quantities. The rare driver lucky enough to own one will experience Subaru engineering distilled to its essence.

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