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What are timing belts? When and why should you replace them and what happens if they break?

A timing belt is a part of an internal combustion engine; it controls the timing of a vehicle's engine's valves. Timing belts are an integral piece of a vehicle that must be replaced at the recommended distance/time period, and when not replaced can cause serious and expensive damage to your vehicle's engine.

So why replace your timing belt?

  • There are zero warning signs that your timing belt is going to break, so replacing it in a timely fashion is the only way to prevent it
  • If it does break, your engine will stop and will not restart

Timing belt replacements:

  • Subaru timing belts need to be replaced after seven years or 105,000 miles; whichever comes first[1]
  • Replacement cost starts at $530 (will vary by model)

Cost to fix your car if the timing belt breaks:

  • If it breaks it can damage the valve and pistons, costing thousands of dollars to repair
  • Sometimes it's not worth the value of your car to fix, so cost can be a new vehicle

As you can see, a timing belt replacement is an extremely important maintenance procedure that helps your vehicle live a long and functioning life, and saves you from spending a ton of money. The cost of replacing your timing belt may seem steep, but without proper maintenance you could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs or even the cost of buying another vehicle.

[1]*Mileage and prices can vary by vehicle year and model, please contact us for information specific to your vehicle

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