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Fuel System Service
Fuel Injection Flush Service

The fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve responsible for supplying an even flow of fuel to your vehicle's engine. The injectors spray directly into the intake valves, and it is critical that this spray is as fine a mist as possible, so that the fuel will burn more easily. When fuel injectors become dirty or clogged, your vehicle can experience problems ranging from surging and hesitation to hard starting. Utilizing our specialized equipment, one of our highly trained Technicians will clean your vehicle's fuel injectors with a specially formulated solvent that flushes out unwanted particles and deposits, enabling your vehicle's fuel injectors to deliver a fine, even spray. This service not only can improve performance and restore horsepower, but it can also improve fuel economy.

Fuel Additive

Subaru Fuel Additive has been developed to complement Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459 between service schedules and is recommended every 15,000 miles. Formulated to reduce combustion chamber deposits, as well as cleaning thus helping the entire fuel system & maintain the vehicle at peak performance between services.

Fuel Additive Features & Benefits
The deposit removal pattern of Subaru Fuel additive starts at the intake valve, progressing around the combustion chamber to the spark plug and finally past the spark plug and across the exhaust valve. Subaru fuel additive is a dispersant and not a solvent. Intake system deposits are dramatically reduced. Fuel injector deposits are reduced in one treatment.
Fuel Filter

All Subaru vehicles are built to a high standard and when external influences like fuel can interrupt the performance of your vehicle, the Genuine Fuel filter steps in to help eliminate or reduce the impact of something going wrong. Genuine Subaru fuel filters are specifically designed for each model, ensuring  foreign particles are filtered out before entering your engine and fuel system enabling continuous performance and the longevity of your Boxer engine.

Upper Cylinder Cleaner

Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459 is the only upper engine cleaning product that has been tested and approved by the factory to be used in Subaru vehicles, and included as a factory requirement in the maintenance and service schedule. It contains a powerful foaming agent to effectively clean the induction system and combustion chamber of the engine.

Cylinder Cleaner Features & Benefits
  • Specifically formulated for strong penetrating, dissolving, cleaning and solvent ability helps maintain smooth airflow so that the engine can breathe correctly.

  • SA459 reduces the build up of deposits such as carbon, varnish, gum etc. in the manifold and combustion chamber, resulting in cleaner exhaust gases.

  •  Spray foaming material penetrates into every small part of the system

  •  Easier starting, smoother idling

  •  Reduces pinging caused by hot spots

  •  Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters.

 Why use Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner?
  •  Only product factory tested and approved

  •  Fully compatible with the alloys and synthetics in a Subaru Boxer Engine

  •  Meets factory maintenance and service schedule requirements

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