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Engine Oil Flush

Frequent oil and filter changes are highly recommended, and for good reason. However, regular oil changes do not go far enough. A typical oil change is not able to remove all of the used oil from the engine. As a result, such elements as sludge, metal fragments and contaminants remain trapped inside. Our Engine Oil Flush Service uses a powerful cleaning solution that is designed to rid your engine of harmful particles.

MOC® Oil System Flush is a specially formulated cleaner that removes oil deposits from critical areas of the engine's lubrication system. Use of this product is highly recommended for use with turbo-charged engines, and/or engines that have not received oil changes at the proper intervals.
  • Removes varnishing and other oil deposits
  • Reduces the risk of blocked oil passages
  • Helps prevent costly turbo-charger and engine failures
  • Helps protect against engine oil oxidation and breakdown
  • Helps extend the life of your Subaru engine

Serpentine Belt Inspection and Replacement

The Serpentine Belt powers your vital automotive components. The serpentine belt is one long, snaking, winding belt that keeps your alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning compressor running smoothly and effectively.

As belts get older, they can wear, fray, crack or become shiny or and rubber parts can peel off. An aging belt can also begin slipping or squealing, become contaminated with fluid or become misaligned, which is an indication it will need to be replaced. An old belt can even snap, leaving you without drive torque to all of the engine's accessories.

Driving on an old belt is a disaster waiting to happen because it powers most all of an engine's accessories. That means when your belt breaks, slips or wears out, everything - from the power steering pump to the alternator and air conditioner stops working. Even worse, the parts it controls can become severely damaged, creating a costly problem. Broken hoses and belts are bad; a damaged engine is even worse. By replacing your belt periodically, you can minimize the risk of breakdown and severe engine damage.

The Serpentine belt is mostly used on chain motors, used in Subaru Foresters 2011 and earlier, Imprezzas 2012 and earlier and Outbacks 2013 and earlier.

Timing Belt Replacement

Serpentine Belt

A timing belt and its tensioner are integral parts of an internal combustion engine; it controls the timing of a vehicle's engine's valves. Timing belts are an integral piece of a vehicle that must be replaced at the recommended distance/time period, and when not replaced can cause serious and expensive damage to your vehicle's engine.

why replace your timing belt?

  • There are zero warning signs that your timing belt is going to break, so replacing it in a timely fashion is the only way to prevent it
  • If it does break, your engine will stop and will not restart

Cost to fix your car if the timing belt breaks:

  • If it breaks it can damage the valve and pistons, costing thousands of dollars to repair
  • Sometimes it's not worth the value of your car to fix, so cost can be a new vehicle
Services Offered

- Engine Oil Flush
- Serpentine Belt Service
- Timing Belt Service
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