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What does an air filter do? When and why should you replace your air filter?

Air filters, simply put, filter unwanted material out of the air entering your engine. If dirt, bugs, grass and other road-grime make it past the air intake and into the engine itself, it can cause abrasion or corrosion. This is undesirable and can become a costly problem. A dirty air filter will also starve the engine of air, which the combustion process needs to make power. Theoretically, an air filter could get so dirty that the engine wouldn't run.

So why replace your engine air filter?

  • A dirty air filter will reduce efficiency and performance of your engine
  • If dirt and debris make their way into the engine, serious mechanical issues can arise.

Engine air filter replacements:

  • Subaru recommends replacing your engine air filter every 15,000 miles or sooner if needed.
  • Replacement cost starts at $55 (will vary by model)
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