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What's a drivetrain?

Your car's drivetrain is a vital power-transmitting component, and key to dependability. It's responsible for transmitting the flow of power from the engine to the wheels. The components include the clutch, torque converter, transmission, driveshafts, U-joints, CV joints, differential and axles.

Most motorists take these components for granted until something goes wrong. That "something" can range from leaks or strange noises to shifting problems to total failure. If you do a lot of stop-and-go-driving, tow a trailer or otherwise subject your vehicle to unusual service, regular checks and maintenance will result in a more dependable car, as well as fewer and smaller repair bills. Depending on model, your drivetrain should be serviced at between 30,000 - 100,00 miles, consult your Subaru service advisor for specific details.

What can Burlington Subaru do to keep things running smoothly?

Our Subaru technicians will inspect all the components of the drivetrain assembly to ensure everything is operating correctly and make recommendations based on the condition of your drivetrain. We will also change the front and rear differential fluids and transmission fluids to ensure everything is properly lubricated.

Drivetrain Services
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Vermont road and weather conditions are more sever than in other parts of the country. As a result of this you may be advised of additional recommended services to be performed on your Subaru to help increase its longevity.
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